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Managing new applicants, tracking positions, and monitoring staff can now be done with a few clicks. Stay involved from anywhere.

HR Platform

HR Platform

Your solution to create and manage policies, procedures and staff. Simplify policies with policy management software and focus on your business.

Policy Handbook

Intuitive Interface

Directory Integration

Improved Compliance

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Blossom HR

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Digital Sign-off

Keep policies current with automated policy review notifications. Stop manual handbook distribution and obtain electronic signatures

On Boarding

Develop and integrate standard hiring process for various departments. Create an interview guide based on job description and more. Ensure compliance and reduce risk with the Blossom platform.

Directory and Profiles

Develop staff directories which include unique user profiles to help create a dynamic culture. Update organizational charts and indicate internal roles and responsibilities for various departments.

Customizable Policy and Procedure Development

Modify or develop policy and procedures. Include training materials and guidelines for employees to access as needed.

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Technological innovations are transforming the healthcare landscape. To evolve requires acclimating to the latest products and services. Blossom provides the knowledge and expertise to help you design and implement solutions.